Land available

12 million square feet “shovel ready”

The Bromont Science Park offers large, serviced land, “shovel ready” today

They do not require decontamination, business relocation or deconstruction. The Park also has its own regional airport with customs services.

No size limit has been set for the surface area of land. It is therefore possible to acquire several contiguous pieces of land, in order to establish yourself optimally. Several slopeside lots are also available.

Although a high concentration of our companies are related to microelectronics,

The Bromont Science Park welcomes innovative companies from different strategic sectors for the economic growth of the region.

In 2021, the city of Bromont entered into an agreement with the Montoni group for the development of part of the industrial zone whose cumulative area is approximately 6 million square feet.
Technum Québec - Zone d'Innovation de Bromont
You have questions or would like to establish your business in the region, contact us today.

Sylvie Adam
Vice-President, Infrastructure Development, Bromont Innovation Zone

Technum Québec

Marc-André Fullum
Senior Director Strategic Development

Montoni Group