Sustainable development


a city, an innovation zone, a living environment

In concert with stakeholders in the Innovation Zone ecosystem, Technum Québec works to develop the territory in a sustainable manner by focusing on social and environmental innovation.

Technum Québec - Zone d'Innovation de Bromont

A vision based on the sustainable development plan of the city of Bromont

The city of Bromont was the first city in Quebec to use The Natural Step approach to carry out its sustainable development plan. Also known as “Think your city”, the consultation process with citizens and businesses made it possible to establish “Vision 2030”. First published in 2012, the sustainable development plan has since been updated to reflect today’s municipal commitments.

Nature at the forefront

For many years, the City of Bromont has worked to maintain a balance in the development of its territory in order to offer access to its exceptional natural environment, while protecting areas of high ecological value.

Bromont Sciencific Park Nature Reserve

In 2014, the City of Bromont entered into an agreement with the Quebec Ministry of the Environment to protect 204 hectares of land in the heart of the Scientific Park, and this area has since been recognized as a protected nature reserve in perpetuity. In 2015, the Town expanded the Bromont Scientific Park nature reserve which now totals 225.81 hectares.

On track to become the first biophilic industrial park in North America

Biophilia is the science that studies the connection between man and nature It particularly defines the aspects of nature and the types of landscaping that have the greatest impact on human well-being and performance. Nature has been shown to impact our satisfaction and impact physiology, cognitive performance, mood, health and well-being.

Technum Québec - Zone d'Innovation de Bromont

7% à 12%

savings in labor costs through an increase in productivity, a reduction in absenteeism and turnover rate.


restoration of attention span.


increase in productivity.


fewer errors.

In 2022, the City of Bromont adopted a regulation that governs this type of development, now mandatory for all new businesses that will set up in the innovation zone and the Scientific Park. A guide will be offered to business leaders and landscape architects to present the principles of biophilic design developed for the Bromont Science Park and which are divided into 5 parts:


A strong visual signature created by the installation of maple groves in the front yards of businesses when space allows


Biophilic trail network


Biophilic landscaping


Multifunctional biophilic oases


Biophilic-inspired interior designs


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