Technum Québec - Zone d'Innovation de Bromont

A sustainable industrial zone

An environment conducive to the emergence and development of new technologies and innovative products

The Bromont Scientific Park aims to promote the regrouping on its territory of companies in the high technology sector dedicated to research and innovation, by supporting their establishment and development in niches such as microelectronics and aerospace and advanced manufacturing.

A recognized technology park and member of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP), the Bromont Scientific Park benefits from considerable credibility due to the presence of world leaders, but also three research centers. The presence of “ready to build” land, the importance of the qualified labor pool, a reliable and complete infrastructure network as well as access to financial and tax advantages contribute to strengthening the power of attraction of the Bromont Science Park, which also has a satellite, the Pacific Park,
un pôle davantage orienté vers les secteurs manufacturier et de la construction.a center more oriented towards the manufacturing and construction sectors.

The DNA of the park

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The microelectronics sector is booming in Quebec, where 730 companies specializing in this niche are located. They employ more than 45,000 people, the greatest concentration of which is in the Montérégie and Estrie region. Microelectronics can be found in many spheres of activity.

Located in the northeast microelectronics corridor, the Bromont Scientific Park figures prominently in this economic and technological landscape since Teledyne Dalsa, the largest Canadian semiconductor foundry, is established there as well as IBM and the largest microelectronics research center in Canada, C2MI.

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In 2022 in Quebec, the aerospace sector will generate sales of $18 billion in addition to employing nearly 40,000 people. Since 1997, this industry has experienced an average annual growth of 5%. . There are several large, internationally renowned companies, mainly in the greater Montreal region. It is also here that the vast majority of research and development activities of the industry in Canada are found.

The presence of GE Aviation and its robotics, automation and instrumentation research and development center in the Bromont Scientific Park clearly illustrates the importance of this sector for the region . In addition, the fact that the regional airport is located in the Bromont Science Park makes the aircraft services sector very promising and makes it possible to welcome new innovative companies in the sector such as Unither Bioelectronics which designs a new generation of aircraft. with vertical electric propulsion to facilitate the transport of transplantable organs.

Several companies in the region have MACH certification, which aims to optimize the performance of Quebec’s aerospace supply chain in order to increase its competitiveness on an international scale.

Technum Québec - Zone d'Innovation de Bromont

Advanced manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing mainly targets the robotization and automation of the manufacturing industry Its use aims, among other things, to improve business productivity by enabling better planning and execution of operational activities..

Several advanced manufacturing technologies are available: predictive analytics; the Internet of Things; advanced materials; smart factories; digital design, simulation and integration; high performance computing; advanced robotics; additive manufacturing; open source design; augmented reality.

In the Bromont Scientific Park, large companies such as GE Aviation, IBM, Monoserra and Teledyne Dalsa have advanced manufacturing needs. Smaller companies are also developing there such as Solaxis, an SME specializing in additive manufacturing for the aerospace market. Cogiscan, which specializes in manufacturing traceability solutions, and LX Sim, which offers computer-aided design and optimization services on complex mechanical components.

Technum Québec - Zone d'Innovation de Bromont
Technum Québec - Zone d'Innovation de Bromont

The strategic positioning of the Bromont Scientific Park stands out in several ways.

Technum Québec - Zone d'Innovation de Bromont

Strategic location

Technum Québec - Zone d'Innovation de Bromont

Presence of international companies

Technum Québec - Zone d'Innovation de Bromont

Exceptional living environment

A shovel ready biophilic real estate zone

The Bromont Scientific Park offers large, serviced land, “shovel ready” today, requiring no decontamination, business relocation or deconstruction. The Park will be the first biophilic industrial park in North America.

Roland-Désourdy Airport
Business and commercial aviation

The Bromont Scientific Park has its own regional airport with customs service. It also has the following services:
Technum Québec - Zone d'Innovation de Bromont
  • – Aircraft cleaning (interior and exterior): for information, contact Denis Paré at 450 776-4224;
  • Hangars;
  • Gasoline (100 LL, JET-A);
  • Dispatch Center (Unicom 122.150);
  • Pilots’ Lounge;
  • Classroom;
  • Conference room ;
  • Flight plan room.

Several companies also offer on-site services, such as car rental and catering, while accommodation is available nearby. Sheds are also available for rental.

The Canada Customs service is open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except statutory holidays It is possible to benefit from this service outside opening hours for a fee. Additionally, Canadian and American travelers can use the CANPASS service.

For additional information on airport services, go to

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Technum Québec - Zone d'Innovation de Bromont