Technum Québec - Zone d'Innovation de Bromont

Chairholders: Gwenaëlle Hamon
University: University of Sherbrooke

The aim of the research programming of this chair consists of developing a Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging platform at C2MI (wafer reconstruction and redistribution layers) and applying it to opto-electronic applications (solar cells), and thus opening the way towards the integration of heterogeneous chip systems from different technologies (III-V, Si materials).

III-V/Ge solar cells will be used in this chair to not only develop all the bricks necessary for the assembly by FOWLP and to demonstrate its feasibility, but also to resolve certain problems inherent in the field of cells. concentrated solar systems such as reliability, densification and minimization of shading.

The chair pursues three objectives:

  • Develop a basic POR (process of record) process for FOWLP on 200 mm wafer (wafer reconstruction and interconnections by distribution layers).
  • Produce a network of at least 4 interconnected micro-solar cells, whose busbars will have been transferred outside the active layer, and whose cells are arranged with an alignment precision of 15 μm.
  • Densify and interconnect solar cells for dense solar receiver array applications with inter-cell spacing less than 15 μm.

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