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  • $226.5 million investment at IBM Bromont and the MiQro Innovation Collaboration Center

    Bromont, April 26, 2024 – The Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec are investing $98.8 million, respectively $59.9 million and $38.9 million, in a joint project between IBM…

  • An incubator/accelerator

    Bromont, January 11, 2023 This new incubator, which is part of the designation of Bromont as an innovation zone in digital technologies, will offer all the services necessary to welcome…

  • Research Chair to make technological innovation responsible

    Research to measure the impact of technological advances from a socially responsible perspective


    Marie-Luc Arpin

  • Ready to unleash its full potential to make Quebec shine

    Bromont, June 26, 2023 – The Technum Quebec team met the citizens of Bromont at the St-John Cultural Center on June 13. Officially designated as an innovation zone by the…

  • Research Chair on Nanomaterials for Integrated Photonics

    This research chair is to exploit the extraordinary properties of graphene to increase the performance of integrated photonic circuits and extend their fields of application.


    Mathieu Massicotte

  • Research Chair in Microelectronic Assembly Technologies for Energy and Optoelectronics

    The research programming of this chair consists of developing a Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging platform at C2MI and applying it to opto-electronic applications, and thus opening the way towards the integration of heterogeneous chip systems from different technologies (III-V, Si materials).


    Gwenaëlle Hamon

  • C2MI Research Chair in Microfabrication and Integration

    Research aimed at developing materials and innovative microfabrication and integration processes that will add to C2MI’s current capabilities


    Serge Ecoffey

  • Bromont among Quebec’s first innovation zone

    The innovation zone in digital technologies Technum Quebec is a decisive asset for the industry’s strategic positioning, a key element for the collaboration advancement between companies and researchers and a…

  • Canada Research Chair in Embedded Real-Time Intelligence for Ultrafast Flow Detectors

    Research for the development of technologies for storing data generated by the next generation of advanced detectors.


    Audrey Corbeil Therrien

  • NSERC-Teledyne DALSA Industrial Research Chair in Next Generation MEMS and Microphotonics

    Research aims to integrate new or improved materials, manufacturing processes and components into the industrial production of next-generation high-performance MEMS and microphotonic devices.


    Paul Charette

  • C2MI Research Chair in Advanced Microelectronic Encapsulation

    Research Chair in advanced microelectronic encapsulation to strengthen the vitality and sustainability of the C2MI ecosystem.


    Dave Danovitch

  • Canada Research Chair in Positron Emission Tomography Based on Photon Time of Flight

    Research for the development of technologies to improve medical imaging.


    Réjean Fontaine